• All About Me!

    Our topic this half term is ‘All About Me’. It is important for us to recognise how special and unique we are. This helps us to develop our self-confidence and be able to talk about our own feelings and ideas. We have been looking in mirrors and identifying what colour eyes and hair we have, as well as having a go at making marks to represent these. We have also been talking about who lives in our house and using figures to represent people who are special to us and drawing them inside a house! We have been playing lots of games on the carpet. One of our favourite games is “Stand up if you like…..”. This helps us to develop our listening and attention skills while also highlighting how different we all are! During snack time we enjoy sitting together and talking about our favourite things including our favourite animals and foods.

    We will continue to celebrate all of our strengths and recognise that being unique is a very special thing – in fact we think it would be boring if we were all the same!

  • Welcome to Albert Einstein Class!

    We have had a fantastic first two weeks back in nursery. We have been so busy settling in, exploring our nursery environment and playing and learning with friends. Everyone has come back from the holidays ready to learn and play. We have been recapping our nursery rules and expectations, which we are getting really good at.

    One of our favourite activities has been making our own playdough! We love to experiment when making playdough together… testing how sticky or dry it is and what happens when we add more flour or water. Then we get to play with it in lots of different ways – we love to use it to roll, pinch, chop and also in the home corner in our ‘baking’. This helps us develop our fine motor skills, social skills, problem solving skills and explore our creativity!

  • Hello World!

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